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MCHP Micron

The Micron is an 'out of the box' unit. Place an ink cartridge in the head, connect to power and print instantly by pushing a button. The printer takes up very little space. Not much more than the actual print cartridge itself. This makes it very easy to integrate. Print horizontally or simply change the position of the printer 90° for printing vertically/down

Inkjet technology by HP

Build your print job on a PC using the free MicroDraw software delivered with the printer. Transfer to USB-key and connect to your Micron printer and you are ready to print. The layout can be saved to the internal memory and the USB-key may be removed.

MTHP4 MiniTouch

The HSAJET MiniTouch MT-HP4 has an elegant black aluminium casing that underlines its robust design. The printer can control up to 2" print height. Mount the controller directly on a one or two-pen printhead for a compact version or utilise the flexibility of the MiniTouch to connect up to 4 pens to the controller, either as a single heads or with a distributor box in a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4-pen printheads.

Inkjet technology by HP

MKHP MiniKey

A compact unit integrated keyboard and icon based colour monitor. Run with up to 1" print head mounted directly on the controller and up to 1" mounted remotely via a cable. The unit can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or Serial connection. Jobs are made directly on the unit or on a PC and transferred via USB or Ethernet. The MK can print several different barcodes with variable content. Prints counters, date/time, fixed text, shift codes, variable barcodes, graphics.

Inkjet technology by HP

Others Printers

TCUF Tiny Controller (1")

The TCUF can run with either 2 individual printheads each of 0.5", or a single 1" head. Jobs are designed on PC and transferred via CF card. Switching between jobs on CF card is done via an optional job selector box or optional terminal. Prints counters, date/time, prompted text, fixed text, graphics, fixed barcodes.

TCUF-INT Tiny Controller (1")

The TCUF-INT has same features as above, but with integrated keyboard/display, which allows direct access to e.g switching between different print jobs, as well as making layout changes directly on the unit.

CUF Controller (2")

The CUF can work with a combination of printheads up to 2" print height. Compared to the TCUF's the CUF can handle more fields and print some barcodes with variable content, as well as being remotely controlled via Ethernet or serial connection. Jobs are made on a PC and transferred via CF card.

Prints counters, date/time, prompted text, fixed text, graphics, variable barcodes.

TIPC15 Touch Controller (2")

The TIPC15 handles any kind of print job, including print from database as well as remote communication via Ethernet and Serial connection. The jobs are made directly on the unit and controls any combination of print heads up to 2". The TIPC15 is available in a standard and a premium edition.

Prints variable text, counters, date/time, shift codes, graphics, all barcodes.

OPC (4") / RPC (8") / CBF4

Our flexible solutions with controller board, either ready to run or for integration. Prints from databases SQL/ODBC, Access, Excel, CSV/text files.

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