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Glassine bags are a slightly opaque bag, often used for seed to go inside an outer packet. These are available in a range of different sizes.

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Cellophane Crossing Bags & Cellophane Discs

Cellophane discs are available in three standards sizes, 40mm, 80mm and 90mm decimeters 55mm x 190mm Cellophane crossing bags for Wheat and Barley are a stock item. Other sizes can be made to order.


Micro-Perforated Pollination Bags

Used by Plant Breeders for covering the head of a plant to avoid cross pollination, these bags have micro-perforations to allow the plant to breath and are available in varying sizes and hole patterns.

Our Micro-Perforated bags are Lap Seal for greater integrity and are made with the perforations rough side out so as not to damage the plants.


Packets & Envelopes

Punched Drilling Packets, Envelopes and Diamond folds.


Cotton, Paper, Polyprop, Hessian, Coated Polyprop.
Printed or Plain.


Cable ties and Twisties.

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